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How do I update Advanced DNS?

Domain names of type Advanced DNS are hosted on Network Solutions servers and allow you to enter and make changes to the following records: A, MX for e-mail and CNAME for domain alias. Advanced DNS records can be created while registering a new individual domain name of type Advanced DNS. When registering domain names of type Advanced DNS in bulk or updating existing records, Advanced DNS must be updated through Manage Services.

  • If you wish to update Advanced DNS records for a single domain name of type Advanced DNS, you must first lookup that domain name by selecting the Manage Services tab and clicking on View/Update Domains. For instructions on how to do so, please refer to the How do I lookup a domain name? Help page.

    1. After you have looked up a domain name, you will be presented with a page displaying the registration and contact information for this domain name. Click the Manage Advanced DNS button to continue.

    2. Enter the information for a new record or update an existing record, and click on Add to update the record. Delete any out-of-date or incorrect records.

    3. Review the information you entered and if everything is correct, click the Submit button to complete the record update.

Please Note: You will not be able to perform this function for domain names that are expired and in a deactivated status.

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