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How do I request a transfer Authorization Code(s) for a domain?
  1. From the Network Solutions´┐Ż Partner Portal home page, click the Manage Services tab at the top of the screen, then click the View/Update Domains link.
  2. Click the Advanced Search link near the top of the page.

    The advanced search feature searches by a variety of criteria, including wildcard searches, date ranges or uploaded text files of domain names. Select the search method you would like to use, enter your search criteria, and click the Go! button.

  3. Your search results will be displayed in a table on the following page. For large queries, your results may be displayed on multiple pages. To continue, select a Domain Type from the drop down lists at the bottom of the page, under "Manage Multiple Domains" and click the Go! button.
  4. Once you have limited your search results to a single Domain Type, you will be presented with a result set, listing all domain names that meet the search criteria you entered. Select the domain names you would like to edit by checking them off individually, or click the All button to select all domain names.
  5. When you have done this, select Request Auth Code from the Data Types displayed in the drop down list under "Edit Selected Items" at the bottom of the page. The list may include:

    Admin Contact
    Billing Contact
    Convert to Advanced DNS
    Tech Contact
    Convert to Registration
    Edit Web Forwarding
    Edit Under Construction
    Auto Renew
    Domain Protect
    Request Auth Code

    Click the Go! button to begin editing the domain names.

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